Chris Morrissey

SJC 🛫 SLC Really enjoyed my first WWDC. Learned a lot and met a lot of great people. Great to see friends and meet new ones. Big thanks to the Apple Engineer in AVFoundation that closed out a Radar with a tip to solve one of our apps bugs. 🙏


Really cool to see LumaFusion on the screen.


WWDC Travel Day

So happy to have the travel part over. Now onto 🤓 con.

SLC to SJC ✈️

WWDC travel day. My first. Looking forward to new experience and in seeing some friends I don’t see often and meeting some new ones I hope!

Just checked out sunlit. Like the rest of, it’s easy to use and looks great. 🤔 I’ll just post and read here.



Mountain Lake

Mountain Views

Really loving the new deck. So are the Hummingbirds!

Another fantastic walk this weekend

Release Notes 2017 is over. As always, very inspirational and I’m excited to put some of the ideas and experiments to work. Really nice to see some Release Notes friends once again.

Saved my first post for something out of my normal. Talking with @manton at the Release Notes conference and learning about Vision and intentially working towards it. fits the bill for a grand vision. Off to a great start too!