Chris Morrissey

2019-10-03: Latest. Yes, I’m behind.

2019-07-31: What a show. Lasers!!!!!

2019-07-30: Jeff Lynnes’s ELO!!!!!!!

2019-06-03: WWDC


2019-05-05: Went walking by the Provo River

2019-04-17: Back Home though. This is more my speed

2019-04-17: Got to go to NAB 2019

2019-02-04: Watched Galaxy Quest again for the first time in a long time. This year is the 20th anniversary and …

2019-01-20: Beautiful sunset tonight!

2018-12-21: Great video: Final Cut on the iPad. I work for Luma Touch and we do have many options that appear …

2018-12-12: Took the day off. We got some snow!

2018-09-01: Now playing - Marc Broussard covering Sly and the Family Stone and absolutely killing it!