Chris Morrissey

Latest. Yes, I’m behind.

What a show. Lasers!!!!!

Jeff Lynnes’s ELO!!!!!!!


Went walking by the Provo River

Back Home though. This is more my speed

Got to go to NAB 2019

Watched Galaxy Quest again for the first time in a long time. This year is the 20th anniversary and it holds up extremely well. “By Grabthar’s Hammer, What a Savings!” Alan Rickman was awesome in a surprising role.

Beautiful sunset tonight!

Great video: Final Cut on the iPad. I work for Luma Touch and we do have many options that appear after you select the export location (screen shot). Beyond Mobile Journalists and YouTubers, there have been a couple of feature length movies cut with LumaFusion @leo

Took the day off. We got some snow!

New Sunlit is great! 😍 Very much an Instagram type of experience and if you haven’t used it you should try it out!!!!!

This dog!

Now playing - Marc Broussard covering Sly and the Family Stone and absolutely killing it!

Saturday Walk

Another great walk! I love the mountains!

My dog buddy! @macgenie

America’s toughest bicycle stage race, the Tour of Utah a few miles before a huge climb. Final day ended in Park City. There was a break a few minutes ahead of the Pelaton.

Smoke from both Utah and California wildfires is pretty thick and ruining the view in my Saturday walk this week. 👎

The Edgar Winter Group is killing it. Free Ride, Tobacco Road, and Jumping Jack Flash

Saturday Walk

Driving Tour

Another Great Saturday Walk

Drove by this today, Bison, Zebra, Donkey…

WWDC : What A Week!



San Jose is a nice place


Got to see LumaFusion on the big board of apps! And lines, many lines.


Line for Apple’s WWDC Merch Store was ridiculously long. I got a super soft hoodie. Gruber’s show was fun but why wasn’t Moltz on stage.


Relay show, enough said!


More lines than I expected